Sunday 2 March 2014


 Earth1 Century XXII is the primary web reference to our declaration of projects and purpose during these remaining 8 decades of this 21st century. Global Commerce Capital expresses our dedication to enterprise development. And, the Vortex Short Links provides a guideline through our continuing statements of peaceful co-existing growth of geo-political commitments to the sustained Social Contract between all cultures, who are seeking a patient and cautious evolution of humanity within the realms of limited natural resources on Earth.

Biomass - those livings organism within this home of Gaia / Mother Earth - permits us to provide continuous energy for production of nutrition, shelter and logistics (transportation). And, it is our Sun which provides us with 5000 times more potential energy per day than all oil the oil produced within those 24 hours.

It is our cleverness and intellect that will continue to provide us with the technological answers to be both good stewards of Gaia's resources; while, also, developing the sciences. through which we will sustain life here on Earth; while also expanding our searches throughout the regions of this universe - and, beyond.

Hence, our work here - as Earth1 Central - is to provide dialogue and references through which civilization may select pathways of opportunity for the respect of both traditional and modern era ethics and social graces; and, by which we may collaborate in joint efforts to produce industry and commerce within the paramount protocol of essential respect to Mother Earth.

The following INDEX is offered as a continuous catalogue of BIOMASS resources, sciences, technologies; and, the political will / commitments toward the peaceful co-existence between our Peoples in a positive conspiracy of mutual survival within a limited sphere.

This Index is constructed within the following parameters ... this is a living Index; continuously growing due to the evolution of knowledge and practise:

Section One : Knowledge Of Biomass
Section Two : Authorities To Develop Biomass Resources
Section Three : Technologies And Sciences In The Applications Of Biomass Knowledge
Section Four : Duty Of Care Toward Steward Of Gaia's Resources
Section Five : Dispute Resolutions